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Optical Manifold Specifications & Features: Slider 1

SLIDER 1 Optical Manifold

The Slider's front, top, and rear ports are 2-inch format with a profile of 3.5 inches, including the built-in 2" filter slot. The above Slider 1 optical manifold doesn't have a side pick-off port like the Slider 2. It is designed to be used for short unguided time exposures or with CCD cameras that have an incorporated guiding chip or dedicated chip section. Slide mirror position is conveniently controlled with the Slider push-pull rod located on the end of the housing (see picture above left).  Top ports are now easily adjustable (360 degrees) for "dead-on" collimation. Standard drawtubes, adapters and couplings are available at the ADAPTERS link.

Slider Eyepiece & Camera Parfocusing Collar Rings

Change Imaging Configurations in Seconds, Not Hours

See ADAPTERS link for info and pricing

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